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real-estate-lawReal Estate Experience

Real Estate Law is generally considered as anything doing with land.  There are different types of real estate law, such that they deal with residential real estate (homes and rental properties), commercial real estate (office buildings, shopping and strip centers, storage facilities, etc.), and farm and ranch.  I have represented individuals and companies with respect to all of the above types of real estate.  The following is a list of examples of the type of real estate services I have provided to clients:

I have extensive experience in real estate document creation: purchase/sale agreements, loan & closing documentation, letters of intent, easements, leases, estoppel letters, covenants & restrictions.

I have represented local bank & private real estate investors by dealing with purchase/sale agreements, closing documentation, RESPA and Truth-in-Lending compliance, loan extensions, renewals/workouts, lease negotiation, estoppel letters, & collections, foreclosures, & bankruptcy representation.

I have represented private individuals in the purchase & sale of unimproved property & improved commercial & residential property, provided due-diligence counsel, review of covenants & restrictions & closing statements, advice & documentation concerning owner financed transactions, & resolution of easement disputes, title policy claims, & condemnation issues.

I have represented individuals seeking to recover property wrongfully obtained, and seeking to partition property by unwilling co-owners.

I have represented Insurance Companies & Construction Companies on bond claims, construction disputes, mechanic’s & materialman’s liens; experience in dealing with title companies, engineers, & brokers.

I have represented landlords by preparing and negotiating leases, filing forcible detainers, and handling appeals from judgments ordering granting possession to landlords.

trustGifts and sales of property (sometimes called conveyancing) are not the only ways to transfer title to land.  In fact, when a person passes away, the real property that was in the person’s name at time of death, will remain in that person’s name unless that person has planned ahead.  An individual who plans ahead can provide for the simple and fairly quick transfer of title to property after their death by signing a will, or by signing a transfer on death deed.  If a person dies without a will or some sort of provision for the property after his death, then the heirs will have to go to extra effort and expense to take the title of property out of a person’s name.

I have been preparing these documents for my clients for many years.  I meet with my clients to discuss their needs, and prepare the documents that most effectively accomplish my clients’ goals.  The documents most commonly used to transfer my client’s property and estate, as well as to accomplish their goals as they get older include the following:

— Wills (including testamentary trusts)
— Legal Powers of Attorney
— Medical Powers of Attorney
— Designation of Guardians in the Event of Disability
— Directive to Physicians
— Do Not Resuscitate Orders
— Trusts
— Transfer on Death Deeds

Probating Wills and Representing Executors Handling Estates

Once a person has passed away, their property must be transferred to their heirs, or if they wrote a will, to their beneficiaries under the will.  Usually a will must be probated to accomplish that, but there are other methods that sometimes may be substituted at a savings of cost and time.  However, if for example a husband and wife do not write a will, and they have a number of children, failure to immediately to take steps to transfer the estate can make the problems magnify as time goes on.  I have handled numerous cases in these areas.

— Small Estates
— Affidavits of Heirship
— Declaration of Heirship

Close-up of two businessmen’s handshake

Many company owners and individuals have sought my representation in personal and business transactions.

I have drafted negotiated & reviewed agreements with vendors, suppliers, & contractors including contracts for the procurement of products, & for services that support business operations

I have facilitated and managed non-standard business transactions, including risk-spotting, insuring against loss, negotiating and drafting complex and unique contracts, and advising on regulatory compliance issues

I have identified legal issues in marketing and business operations and transactions, such as possible loss or liability, collections and bankruptcy risks, intellectual property, indemnity, and tax

I have developed and provided training to clients on issues, procedures, and forms of agreements for clients on various issues such as procurement, marketing and sales, loss prevention, and other business functions

Courthouse 1I have represented both appellants and appellees in civil and criminal appeals, writing appellate briefs and making oral arguments on behalf of our firm’s clients

I have handled civil and criminal appeals in state appellate courts and federal Courts of Appeals

Obtained noteworthy opinions from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and a federal court of appeals

On occasion, a real estate, probate, or transaction case required litigation.  I have represented my clients in court in trials involving both civil and criminal matters.

On those occasions when immediate action required a request for a restraining order, I have made the necessary applications personally to the judge asking for the appropriate relief.

While in most cases litigation is neither necessary nor advisable, my office has the resources to handle most cases.